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  1. Matches take place on Caspian Border

  2. Matches are limited to 10 minutes

  3. Teams must consist of 2 players

  4. Teams are assigned a spawn base to start from

  5. Teams must not fire any shots until the match begins

  6. Teams may begin the match when they see the "Start!" message appear on their screen

  7. Leaving the tank at any time will be considered suspicious behaviour and thus the player will be considered killed

  8. Teams win if they kill all enemy tanks, or kill more than their enemy does

  9. A draw occurs when the time limit is reached with both teams still having the same number of tanks alive

  10. Draws are resolved by a rematch which takes place after scheduled matches have taken place. If a rematch results in another draw, both teams will be disqualified

  11. Players are not allowed to use the first or third tank specializations, only the second specialization

  12. If a player is killed by someone with first or third specializations active, they need to take a screenshot of the kill information and give it to Bluecewe