New Background

Bluecewe a posted Aug 22, 14
The website has, since our time in Battlefield 3, had a background from that game, as it suited the theme of the website rather pleasingly, and reflected our interests in first-person shooters. However, we stopped playing Battlefield 3 some time ago, and our interests have shifted since then.

I therefore felt it appropriate that we acquire a new background for the website, so as to better represent our interests and our vision for the future of the clan. The new website background is concept art from Star Citizen showcasing one of the many systems planned for the Star Citizen universe, the Goss System. If you are interested, you can learn more about the Goss System by reading its 'Galactic Guide' on the Star Citizen site. I hope that you all find the new background satisfying, and that it will stay with us for some time to come.
DJmurreV looks pretty future tech, snice.
{EFG}Duneti [ DNTZ} Duneti Hadi Blue; The Back ground Is IS F F"N TASTIC, that means I like iT