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I forgot we still have a site.
Here is the beautiful official video for the Starfarer. Impressive stuff. [link]
Here is a guide to Star Citizen's largest ship thus far, the Starfarer, a tanker and cargo ship. [link]
Important information for all those even remotely interested in Star Citizen. It seems Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe will separate as purchases in the future. It may cost more in future to get both. Consider paying less now to get both.
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Petytza has been part of our clan for almost a year now and in that time has proven to be an interesting addition to our team providing an energetic and outside the box approach to situations.
Bandai Namco has announced that the closed beta sign-ups of its highly anticipated upcoming 2D fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ has been delayed from its original July 26 date to August.  Read more...
Published Jul 27, 2017
Microsoft has added another title from the Xbox 360 to the vast Xbox One Backward Compatibility list. Players will now be able to access and play the 2010 hit, Tomb Raider Underworld. Read more...
Published Jul 27, 2017
If you were hoping to see Shenmue 3 at this year's gamescom conference, the developer might have just broken your heart, as the game will not be showcased at the event in any capacity. Read more...
Published Jul 27, 2017
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New Background

Bluecewe a posted Aug 22, 14
The website has, since our time in Battlefield 3, had a background from that game, as it suited the theme of the website rather pleasingly, and reflected our interests in first-person shooters. However, we stopped playing Battlefield 3 some time ago, and our interests have shifted since then.

I therefore felt it appropriate that we acquire a new background for the website, so as to better represent our interests and our vision for the future of the clan. The new website background is concept art from Star Citizen showcasing one of the many systems planned for the Star Citizen universe, the Goss System. If you are interested, you can learn more about the Goss System by reading its 'Galactic Guide' on the Star Citizen site. I hope that you all find the new background satisfying, and that it will stay with us for some time to come.
DJmurreV looks pretty future tech, snice.
{EFG}Duneti [ DNTZ} Duneti Hadi Blue; The Back ground Is IS F F"N TASTIC, that means I like iT